• IDEALICA is a natural and effective product designed to lose weight and suppress your appetite, excessive calories can cause excessive pounds. 
  • IDEALICA is specifically designed to replace diet and exercise and it actively burns body fat. 

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What is IDEALICA...

Idealica droplet

IDEALICA formula supports the body for decomposing the extra fat. Thanks to the natural plant ingredients in the preparation of IDEALICA, body weight are reduced in the long the long term, Clinical trials confirm that the people who took IDEALICA drops regularly over a period of 3-4 weeks, they start getting results of IDEALICA. It is recommended to those who do not want to face dietary restrictions and training to regulate their body weight.
IDEALICA drops are contained in a 20 ml bottle with a save product dispenser. IDEALICA is one the natural product that helps you lose weight and results are visible after the first 4-5 weeks, treatment and use should be constant, we always recommend some exercise to get faster results. It contains no chemicals agents, dyes, gluten and added sugar in IDEALICA.

"Benefits of IDEALICA."

Being overweight is one of the most common problems nowadays, the consumption of fast food in a long term can create layers of fat which are difficult to eliminate from your body. People who got plenty of extra weight are always trying to find the best weight loss products. There are lots of weight control products provided in the market. This issue is complex for many men and women.
100% Natural ingredients of IDEALICA helps the body to reduce fat in several ways, it transforms the harmful white fat in to brown lipids that easily burned in the body, IDEALICA also helps to accelerate metabolism at the cellular level.
Improves digestion and nutrient absorption, fats which are developed with a long time of period are easy to get rid of with regular use of IDEALICA.
IDEALICA leaflet ingredients also help to detoxify the body.

Weight reduction goods are those, which improves comprehension and also determination, they cannot give rapid results in shedding weight, but additionally stop fat deposition. This is not good that weight loss products they are currently offering are very likely to assist. Many individuals want to spend less on IDEALICA that are dependable.

one of the reasons for the success of IDEALICA slimming supplement in drops is the 100% natural ingredient which are:

Rambutan Extract

This food is a good source of iron, vitamin C, it is also recommended to women, if you want to get rid of intestinal parasites and diarrhea, this is the best solution, fruit does not only reduce the weight, it is also known the reduce the blood pressure and improves texture of your skin.
Rambutan decreases unwanted fat
Source of iron
Rich with Vitamin C
It also has Anti-Cancer quality .


​Kiwano Extract

Kiwano, which is also known as African horned cucumber contains a good level of vitamin C, iron and potassium. It has also extra ordinary benefits like other natural ingredients in IDEALICA, Kiwano also has smaller amounts of phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, copper and sodium.
There are other benefits of Kiwano extract 
Contains antioxidants 
Anti-oxidants in Kiwano extract are a-tocopherol as well as y-tocopherol. Both of these are the organic type of vitamin E. Vitamin E has several health advantages which include healthy skin, nerves, muscles, and red blood cells. 
IDELICA is also beneficial for eyes, Kiwano consists of 307 IU of vitamin A, which is a vital nutrient for the assistance of retina function within the eye, IDEALICA has not an only weight reducing benefits but also other advantages. 
Kiwano also stops premature aging, it includes concentrated sources of vitamin C within the diet which is essential for the generation of collagen, an element of skin tissue. It safeguards cells from harm full toxins, waste by-products of metabolism. 


​Green Coffee Extract

Green coffe extract is among the worlds most popular weight loss natural product.

Like the name, this is extracted from green coffee beans, these are naturally green, but they are roasted before being sold to the consumer, or they are changed in to liquid to mix it in to liquid form. when you take it with IDEALICA, the process allows the body to convert food and deink into useable energy.

The green coffee extract comes from coffee beans, these have also antioxidants effects like other products, help lower blood pressure and help you lose weight. Green coffee extract reduces chlorogenic acid content.

Rambutan Extract

​Green Tea comes in different varieties, but all of them are taken from the same plant. Black, Whitem and oolong tea are produced from the Camellia sinensis plant.
Green tea extract is concentrated form, it is present in each drop of IDEALICA, contain the same amount of other active ingredients with it, rich with catechins, and it contains a decent amount of caffeine. In IDEALICA green tea is present in a very reasonable amount to make sure that it safe to consume. There are other several benefits of green tea extract, it contains,
Vitamin B, magnesium, flavonoids, antioxidants like other ingredients which reduce cholesterol which has been associated with other health benefits.



L-Carnitine is an amino acid which works as a building block for proteins in your body, it is also naturally produced in your body, L-Cartine can help the body to produce energy, it is beneficial for heart and brain functions, muscles and many other body processes, most of the weight loss natural products has L-Carnitine in them.

L-Cartine directly goes in to the layers of fatty skins and removes the extra fat, it also resists the softness of skin and assists the body layers to get fit and lose weight.  It also considered being an essential amino acid in your system for fat burning process.


"IDEALICA forum, Reviews -opinions"

" With the use of IDEALICA  Aleena Jay was able to lose 30 pounds within two months. She was looking for the best and easy solution for weight loss for two years, she has never imagined it, that she can be loose this much weight with the use of IDEALICA, she has changed all of her old dresses and she is happier than ever."

- Aleena Jay (IT Consultant)

We have been able to remain in contact with some of the customers and asking them after time by time if the IDEALICA works or not, the customers who were able to eliminate consumption of fast and junk food they were able to reduce their weight within 4-5 weeks,

One of the users of IDEALICA tells, her physical outlook was always important for her as she was an astonishing personality among her friends, but extra weight was the only thing which was taking away her confidence, when she was recommended for the IDEALICA by her friend. At the first sight she was not able to agree with her, she says I thought I should give it a try, after use of one month she was able to get the results and see the change in her body.

There are many other users of IDEALICA who has made this herbal product part of their diet. We recommend you IDEALICA is one of the best available solutions for weight loss present in the market right now.

How to use IDEALICA:

The Idealica slimming supplement, is really easy to use, you can dilute 25 drops in a glass of water or fruit juice, take 2 times a day before meals, we always recommend elimination of fast food from your daily routine to get faster results, with proper use you will be able to see the results within a month. Taking with liquid can be really beneficial in terms of digestion and effectiveness.

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